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HSKK consists of only 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. As a separate test, you can take HSKK independently without taking an HSK test, and you do not need to take the Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced series. You can just go ahead and take the one that suits your level. What HSKK level are you now?Here is Hanban's guideline.


You know 200 common words or more. You can easily understand Chinese and have basic communication on everyday topics with which you are familiar. You do not need to know Chinese characters.

HSKK Intermediate 

You know 900 common words or more. You can understand everyday Chinese and converse fairly fluently with native Chinese speakers. You do not need to know Chinese characters.

HSKK Advanced 

You know 3,000 words or more. You can understand spoken Chinese well and express your ideas fluently in Chinese. You know more than 1,000 characters (HSK4+ level). Although it is possible to speak Chinese fluently without learning Chinese characters (many people have done it), you cannot get an advanced certificate to prove this.This is because in HSKK Advanced you have to read aloud questions and paragraphs written in characters to be tested on your pronunciations and tones, and this constitutes 2/3 of the test content. So if you do not know enough characters, you cannot pass HSKK Advanced even if you speak as a native speaker. You then have two choices: downgrade to HSKK Intermediate or learn more characters first (reach HSK4+ level) . 

General HSKK-HSK correlations by Hanban

HSK Beginner = HSK1-HSK2

HSK Intermediate = HSK3-HSK4

HSK Advanced = HSK5-HSK6

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